What Clients Have Said

“Being a CEO can be a lonely place.  Greg, the open, thought-provoking and gently probing way you have coached me over the last 10 years has supported me to trust my instincts, strengthen my confidence, ground myself in the middle of new challenges and continually evolve my professional and personal life.  You are a wonderful human being and a powerful coach.”

Niki Vincent, CEO  Leadership Institute of South Australia

“If you need to make a personal paradigm shift but are not exactly sure how to do it, Greg is the coach for you.  His unique and supportive approach will help you engineer your own personal epiphany.  He does this safely and respectfully, and then holds you to it!  I found his insights and guidance to be profoundly on point, and continue to use both in my work and personal life.”

Kathy Bryon, CEO, Gordon Elwood Foundation, Oregon

 “Greg’s work with me on developing intuition has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done, coming into my life when I was searching for better health and a more satisfying lifestyle.  Life is great and full of purpose now.  I have found confidence in myself, feel safe with my intuition, and am experiencing a newfound peace and serenity.  My biggest thrill is understanding that it's never too late to change."

Robin Parsons, Grandmother, Christchurch New Zealand

 “Greg, if it wasn’t for you, I never would have taken the risk of starting my own business.  Coaches often tell you what you already know, but you have a knack of helping me find things that aren’t so obvious but which, in the end, make all the difference.  Your surgical precision in “cutting through the waffle” has helped me work out the best approach to my career, relationships and life.  Invaluable!”

Alison Rogers, Living Stories Founder and Managing Director, South Australia

“When I recently had to consult to an indigenous community for the first time, I immediately requested Greg’s coaching assistance.  His perspective and work with me was incredibly useful, especially the skillful way he helped me find my way through my own process and open up new space in how I approached this challenge.  This led me to a better outcome than I could ever have imagined - thank you, Greg!”

Marla Estes, M.A., Founder and Managing Director, The School For the Examined Life, Oregon

 “I feel incredibly comfortable with Greg.  It did not take long to build trust between us.  His reflecting teams work in our leadership program was one of the best things that happened in our program all year.  It created great discussion and incredible reflection.  Our coaching sessions gave me clarity on the issues I discussed with him, and I was able to confront these issues when they had previously been ignored.  I still refer to his summary letters even now when those issues come up.”

Gino Cocchiaro, IDLO lawyer, Natural Justice, South Africa

“Greg, your coaching made me aware that I am in fact very resilient, capable, and already intuitively understand what I need to do to take care of myself. You helped me clarify how I could develop the compassionate detachment I need to free my innate creativity within the constraints of leadership.”

Pat Rix, CEO/Artistic Director, Tutti Arts, South Australia

“Greg, thank you for helping me discover the larger narratives of my life.  You work with me has enlarged my thinking, improved my confidence, given me a deep appreciation of my own abilities, and encouraged me to pursue thoughts and actions that resonate with my authentic self. I have never felt more alive - thank you so much!”

Marcus Brownlow, Artist/Data Scientist, United Kingdom

“So valuable!!!  Greg’s work brought peace and confirmation to my life.  I’ve sorted out so many issues that were holding me back and making me unhappy.  Greg’s gentle support and acknowledgement have been invaluable, and he’s given me tools I will use for the rest of my life.  I will never forget what he’s done for me.”           

Charmaine Hughes, Economic Development Project Officer, United Kingdom

"I can think of no better person to have as a coach than Greg. His psychological and analytical skills, his wealth of personal experience, and his compassionate heart have helped me become more resilient and truer to my own beliefs and principles. He is a unique coach."

Norbert Hohl, Opera Singer/Book Translator, South Australia

“Greg’s insights are spot on, his style very generous, and he knows how to challenge people in a positive way.  He has a great ability to hold the right mix of space and conversational invitation; it transformed my thinking about what was happening.”

Liz Williamson, Staff Counselor, Davidson Trahaire Corpsych, Australia

“Please, please, more of Greg’s work in this leadership program!”

Ed Pikusa, Dept. of Water, Land and Biodiversity, Australia

“I entered the reflecting teams work with Greg very nervously, but ended up elated at finding the courage to share my journey.  I gained a whole deeper understanding of and respect for the people in my group.  Greg’s guidance re: adaptive leadership concepts has revolutionized my thinking.  I found myself thinking aboutthe work he did with me unconsciously, which shows its value.”

Janine Leningas, Baptist Community Services, South Australia

Seize the opportunity to work with Greg - I’m sure glad I did!  During my coaching with him, I always sensed he was in it for me.  He continually used my input - explicit and implicit - to better shape the coaching.  Months later, I continue to have renewed  confidence and to draw on the many insights I gained in our work together. Thank you, Greg!

Broderick Lindeman, Campaign Manager, United Way Jackson County, Oregon

“Greg listens with both his ears and his heart.  The result is the creation of an attentive space where exploration can occur without any fear of judgement. In our work together Greg skillfully brought into the light what I needed to understand. Whilst this was often uncomfortable    - and sometimes painful - Greg made it possible through a gentle and grounded combination of guidance, reflection, and support. By the end of our coaching together I felt much more able to listen, keep perspective, assume ownership over the important issues in my life, ‘sit in the fire’, and deeply believe in myself.”

 Leanne, Strategic Planner and Facilitator, Australia

 “Greg, your coaching left a ‘deep archetype’ of change in me.  This is a shift that has reached deeply into challenging myself and others in circumstances that previously were much harder territory.”

Simon Divecha, University of Adelaide Business School, Australia